Saturday, 15 October 2011


This is the official blog of my conlang ‘Mhmmz. This will show the most up-to-date revision of the conlang.

The language has been posted in a number of places already in different forms and under slightly different names. The very earliest form is on the New CBB where it was known as either ‘mhm̋ or ‘ohaa. Here you can see some of the early development, for example it started with a one vowel system and now has three different qualities.
Then it was posted on DeviantArt (see picture below), where it was called 'M0hmm2. It is mostly a phonology as of right now, and the DeviantArt post is pretty much up-to-date. Only one change has been made to the orthography: Instead of numbers ( 0, 1, 2, ) tones are marked with letters ( Ø, l, z, ), since I found the numbers in text disturbing.

Well, that's it for now. I'll update this in a week or so, as I am going on holiday. See ya!

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